What do Lenin, Stalin, and TIM KENDALL have in common?

They're all pretty big deals in Russia.

A graduate of Art Center in Pasadena, Californian, native Arizonan and director/editor/visual effects artist Tim Kendall has spent the past few years traversing the globe and helming a myriad of ward-winning comedic and visual effects commercials for a bevy of international clients, including McDonalds, IKEA, Lacoste, and NIKE.

The bookends on the shelves housing Tim's extensive director's reel include:

    • A Telly
    • An AICP Telly
    • An Emmy
    • An Addy
    • A Best in Show Addy
    • A Clio
    • A chunk of the Berlin Wall
    • A flamethrower made from a Baby Bjorn and a mini-vac

Stateside, while not not handling commercial work for the St. Louis Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, ESPN, and NASCAR, Tim has carved out enough time to develop and direct a number of comedic hits on YouTube, including Osama Bin Laden: Behind the Madness, Jedi Gym, Just Before Dark, and LA I.C.E.

Tim directs, edits, and does the special effects on his material, operating out of his studio in Pasadena.

He also does all his own stunts.